AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ

AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ
  • Heel type: High-Heels
  • heel measure: 4in
  • Outer Material: Pu
  • Inner Material: Velvet Lining
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Heel Height: 10 centimetres
AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ AgooLar Women's High Heels Solid Round Closed Toe Zipper Boots Black nBY0xsTwQ

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VIII Summit of the Americas

Lima, Peru


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Lima, April 14, 2018

We, the Heads of State and of Government of the Hemisphere, meeting in Lima, Peru at the VIII Summit of the Americas,

Underscoring that the prevention of and fight against corruption are fundamental to strengthening democracy and the rule of law in our States, and that corruption weakens democratic governance and citizens’ trust in institutions, in addition to having a negative impact on the effective enjoyment of human rights and the sustainable development of the peoples of our Hemisphere as well as other regions of the world;

Reaffirming our commitment to anti-corruption treaties, such as the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (IACAC);

Reaffirming also the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and our firm support for its implementation ; and

In keeping with our respective domestic legislation and the multilateral and bilateral treaties to which we are Party, as well as recognized principles such as respect for sovereignty and non-interference,


A. Reinforcement of Democratic Governance

1. Strengthening democratic institutions for the prevention of and fight against corruption in the Hemisphere, ensuring that the competent authorities have the necessary guarantees for the proper performance of their functions.

2. Strengthening judicial autonomy and independence, following applicable inter-American and universal standards on this matter, to promote respect for the rule of law and access to justice as well as to promote and encourage policies of integrity and transparency in the judicial system.

3. Promoting a hemispheric initiative to coordinate the efforts of competent regional and international organizations in the framework on the Inter-American Education Agenda focusing on civic education led by the Organization of American States (OAS), through the Inter-American Committee on Education (CIE), with the support of the Joint Summit Working Group (JSWG) and with respect for regional diversity.

4. Developing a culture of citizen participation and prevention of corruption with a view to strengthening democratic and civic values from early childhood and throughout life, by implementing teaching and learning programs at all levels of education, as well as ongoing education programs.

5. Promoting public awareness and citizen participation campaigns for the prevention of and participation in the fight against corruption and impunity, and on the tools available to address and combat corruption.

I suspect that Smedes' strict Calvinist upbringing might have predisposed him to distrust celebration. I think that those personal healings should not just be acknowledged, not just be warmly received, but there really should be flat-out rejoicing. Cut loose, revel in it, praise the Lord 'til you drop! It's the right instinct. Just so long as when we end the immediate rejoicing, we get down to our Christian duty to remember what context the healings take place in -- a hurting, crying, brutal, unhealed world, a world that Christ loved and died to heal. And we then stop and pray that God shows us how to be of service in Jesus' work of bring wholeness where there is suffering.

We aren't supposed to like suffering. We weren't created to suffer. We were created to have joy . (If we enjoyed it, it wouldn't be suffering, would it?) Yet we do suffer, from first heartbeat to last. This is the effect of being part of a broken, sinful world. It is part of being alive.

God doesn't have to suffer. God just does it, and is committed to it because of love. God suffers the way of a lover being wronged, the way of a father awaiting his lost son. The experience of what we experience when we suffer, first heartbeat to last. Even that last heartbeat, even in its lastness. But only once it has beat its last is it ready for a new beginning. We know this because that's how it was for Jesus. Gattinoni 6042 Sneakers Women Leather/Ecoleather Blue Sand s4kFggMFMf

Q : Why can someone who is a true Christian die this painfully ?

RHL : Christians get the same diseases that non-Christians get. It has to do with the fact that we don't live in the Kingdom. We live in a disordered, broken existence, and this brokenness includes our bodies. No exemptions have been granted -- not even for Christ , who had to suffer and die. The only difference and comfort for a Christian is that death doesn't have the final word.

No one knows why anyone, Christian or non-Christian, has to go through that much pain, why the brokenness has to express itself in ways as terrible as terminal cancer or AIDS. Don't believe anyone who says they know, because they're liars. I'm not being evasive by saying it's a Ms really increased heavy bottom rabbit antiskid snow boots KHAKI34 qIaF87QkTD
, I'm just saying that humankind has such limited knowledge that the only thing we really know is that our deepest parts scream that it's not right. That's a good indicator that God agrees with you, and is working on it, in tears. VogueZone009 Womans Closed Round Toe High Heel PU Soft Material Solid Pumps with Chains White 3 UK NTce1

"In seeking God's power, I discovered his person. He is not just omnipotent ; he is also the God of all comfort. And taking us through suffering, not out of it, is one of the primary means that the Spirit uses today in bringing us to God." ------ Daniel Wallace , in * Christianity Today *, September 12 1994

"Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you'll know you're dead." ------ Guess Mens Tuller Sneaker White cIIAtD4VZ
, in the London * Observer *, 1958.

Introducing SYA's Sophomore Scholars Program!

Starting the 2018-2019 academic year, SYA will accept applications from highly-qualified rising sophomores who are interested in attending any of SYA's four schools in China, France, Italy or Spain for their sophomore year. Candidates must exhibit exceptionally strong academic skills and be prepared to learn in an intimate academic environment. SYA Sophomore Scholars will receive additional program support and be subject to guidelines appropriate for their age group.

Current freshmen interested in applying to SYA's Sophomore Scholars Program should review the Reebok Women’s Classic Leather X Face Trainers Blue Reflection Blue/White/Black FoQDXxx
before they start their application. Please note that Sophomore Scholar applicants can only apply for the full academic year and are not eligible for the fall semester option.

Yes, all SYA Sophomore Scholars must be at least 15-years-old by the day of departure.

No. SYA not only has experience with strong, motivated sophomores attending the program, but in addition, SYA is making changes to the program content, support system and policies in order to make it more age-appropriate for sophomores.

The positives are many. Studies have shown that younger students are more receptive to language than older students. Students who attend SYA as a sophomore will return prepared to complete junior and senior years at their home schools, allowing them to participate in school traditions and go through the college process with their peers. Having two more years of high school also allows for students to complete course requirements which may not be offered at SYA and to apply for leadership positions at their sending school.

Sophomores will receive additional orientation support both before departure and after arrival. They will be in the same advisory group which will address with them topics more pertinent to their age group. They will not be placed with other seniors in English class. Host family placement will be with a family able to provide structure and support during the days and weekends. The curfew for sophomores will be earlier than for juniors and seniors. In addition, sophomores will not be permitted to travel independently overnight.

Not necessarily. It is important for all students enrolling at SYA to sit with their home school advisor to review the graduation requirements and create a plan for fitting them all into their four-year schedule. Options for a student who needs to take a course not offered by SYA are to either take the course over the summer or take the course online.

All SYA students are welcome to stay with their host family during the entire nine months of the program. As stated above, Sophomore Scholars will be placed with a host family able to provide support and structure during times when SYA is not in session. Sophomore Scholars, while not able to travel overnight with friends, may certainly travel with their own U.S. families should they plan to go over and visit. SYA faculty will also plan an optional, supervised trip during both vacations.

In addition to the regular application, all SYA Sophomore Scholar Program applicants will need to supply an additional recommendation from a dean, coach, or mentor who knows the student well and can speak to their social and emotional development. Both the applicant and his/her parent(s) will also need to be interviewed by SYA staff.

SYA will accept a limited number of highly-qualified Sophomore Scholars; however, we do not set aside a specific number of places. The enrollment each year will vary depending on the makeup of the applicant pool.

Yes, we would be happy to get you – or your parents – in touch with a student (or his/her parents) who attended SYA as a sophomore. Keep in mind, however, that this has not be common practice, so the list of referrals will be quite small.

Yes, all students are eligible to apply for financial aid and will be considered for any of our scholarship awards.

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A “low-tech”, more economical method of ballistic ranging was first developed for the Centurion and was also used by Chieftain gunners. It involved a modified 12.7 mm (0.5 in) machine gun to find the range by firing successive bursts in a precise pattern to calculate the trajectory. The gunner had to pick the corresponding mark appropriate to the type of gun ammunition to be fired, laying it on the target. The range of the target was so determined with a high degree of accuracy, also having the advantage of considering trunnion tilt and crosswinds.

However, it could disclose the position of the tank prematurely. Although simple and robust, it took a substantial time and precious time. This was not such a disadvantage at that time, as the / and especially the had long reload and traverse times. In the 1980s it appeared as a “B-plan” in case of a failure of the other systems, as much faster and more precise electronic ballistics computers prevailed. Both the gunner and commander had a firing switch for the gun, while the commander had an override.


The Chieftain remained front-line in British service until 1996 and its development went through 12 different marks and some additional submarks. Outside an updated infrared/white light searchlight online with the gun for target illumination, the FCS evolved to a laser rangefinder. A digital computer was soon introduced to automatically set up the ballistic solution, preparing the respective offset laying for each target. There were also minor electronics or protection upgrades (new NBC lining), improved classified armor, Thermal Observation and Gunnery Sight improved or upgraded to the Challenger I level. However, most of the evolution was aimed at solving the mobility issue, calling an upgraded powerplant.

Other Mk.12/13 upgradeswere canceled as the SK Studio Mens Sandals Athletic Sport Leather Sandal Fishermen Shoes Khaki WetXLq5WA
entered service. However the cancelled Iranian version that was used as the basis for the Challenger 1 MBT.

Chieftain Tank Variants

Chieftain 900

This was a testbed for the Chobham armour. The hull glacis and sides, the turret, were entirely new, and this version formed the basis for the next generation of MBTs, the Challenger 1.

FV4204 ARV

This was an armed recovery and repair vehicle.


The bridge-layer version (designated n°8 to N°12 bridge) equipped with a scissors-type bridge. A Close Support Bridge System was also tested. The AVLB Mk 6 was a Chieftain Mk 1/4 converted with mountings for FWMP and fitted with additional armour.


The main combat engineering vehicle, developed by Vickers for and used by the Royal British engineers. The Mk.2 had a dozer blade, or a mine plough.

Chieftain Marksman

This SPAAG was a twin-gun anti-aircraft version, with a Marconi Series 400 radar and swiss Oerlikon 35 mm autocannons. None was exported.

Chieftain Sabre

It was another SPAAG prototype, with a flat-plate turret, multi-angle front, tapering bustle, and a Twin barrel, 30mm, with multi-perforated muzzle-brakes.

Other prototypes

Outside the initial production prototypes PP1, G1 and GT, a mine clearer version kit was developed, as well as the LongFengMa Fashion Ladies Mixed Colors Transparent Mid Heels Sandals Shoes White gXbhSffq
, the Chieftain SID (modifications set to reduce its signature), another tested the ROMOR-A armour kit, the Varma ERA set, or to test the Vickers/Air-Log Ltd Hydrostrut suspension.

Operators and service

The Chieftain, like the Centurion before, was largely exported to the Middle East, but failed to be adopted by any country within NATO, choosing the German leopard instead. The Chieftain was proven in combat and showed adaptability to upgrades such as overall improvement or for local modifications on the export market. A new commander’s cupola was devised, an uprated engine introduced and additional equipment added to make the Mk 3 variant. The final definitive Chieftain production model became the Mk 5 and these added NBC protection units at the turret bustle as well as further uprated engines.


An agreement was cancelled by the British Government in 1969, despite the efforts already put into the local adaptations of the tank for IDF, including the use of an improved hull-down firing capability which served the Israeli Centurions so well in 1967. However this development served as a blueprint for the creation of the Merkava , led by General Israel Tal, largely involved in the local Chieftain project.

Jordanian Chieftains

The first main export variant was the Khalid Shir (Lion) also known as the 40302PJ for Jordan, which included the running gear of the Challenger Mk.I he Jordanian Shir 1 comprised 274 tropicalized tanks which were delivered from 1980 to 1985.

Iranian Chieftains

The FV4030/1 (Mark V 3P) was exported, then the Shir 2 (FV4030/3) which was a Jordanian Shir 1 (FV4030/2) upgraded at Leeds for Iran, with a reworked rear which allowed to mount the more recent Rolls Royce CV8 engine of the Challenger. The Shir 2 was basically an improvement of the Chieftain Mk.V built exclusively for Iran, which still remains today in first line service.

These were upgraded locally as the Mobarez package. Other variants of the Chieftain were sold to Iran from 1975 to 1979, with 707 Mark 3P and 5P, 125-189 FV-4030-1, 41 ARV and 14 AVLB being delivered before the revolution.

The Iranian Chieftain was used extensively in the Iran–Iraq War of 1980-88 apparently with mixed results resulting mostly of engine breakdowns. In early 1981 the Iranian Chieftains and M60A1 took part in the biggest tank battle of the war, loosing some 200 tanks while Iraq lost 50 T-62 tanks.

Iraqi Chieftains

About 50-75 Chieftains (ex-Kuwaitis) were in service with the Iraqi Army in 1990. They were later upgraded to Khalid-level (4030P2J) with Air-conditioning and reinforced armour, plus improved night vision. Their fate in 2001 is not known.

Kuwaiti Chieftains

Kuwait (267 from 1976 to 1995). The Kuwaiti 35th Armored Brigade saw heavy action at the Battle of the Bridges, against some elements of the Iraqi Hammurabi and Medina divisions. After crippling losses, they had to withdrew over the Saudi border and a total of 136 tanks were captured by Iraq. Apparently only 7 tanks managed to survive the war.

Omani Chieftains

Oman took delivery of 27 Chieftains Vs, later upgraded to the Qayd Al Ardh standard fitted with L20 sight and Type 520 laser rangefinder. All these are still in first line service.

A test-bed for the Challenger

The Challenger was planned in 1985 to replace the Chieftain, but was largely based on the Chieftain FV4030/4, cancelled Iranian Shir 2 and late Chieftain 800, 900, 1000 and 2000. Technological improvements were mostly new electronic and numeric device and range-finders, communication system, ammunition loading, updated armour and a much more powerful Rolls-Royce engine.

The latter provided a much needed greater speed, although the mechanical gear train and hull were basically unchanged since the Chieftain. The first tanks were delivered in 1990.

Inside the Chieftain’s hatch

Links about the Chieftain

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The FV4201 at Norfolk Tank Museum


FV 4201 prototype as delivered for trials in 1962. Notice the small commander cupola, absence of side skirts or thermal sleeve around the main gun.

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